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6 Tips for Growing Your Hair Long

Lusting after long locks? These quick tips will help you get the length you’re after.

1. Keep it clean

Using the right shampoo will not only give you clean hair, but will leave your hair soft and healthy. Try Pantene's Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo that features Keratin Damage Blockers to help improve retention of your hair's natural keratin, ideal for dry, brittle and damaged hair.

2. Get regular trims

While it might seem like never cutting your hair is the obvious choice when it comes to growing your hair, it's actually better to get regular (very small!) trims every three months or so to keep on top of split ends. Waiting too long between trims gives split ends time to work up the hair shaft, meaning more hair has to be cut off. Think of it this way; your hair grows around 1cm every month, up to about 15cm per year, so you can choose between getting around 13 cm of gorgeous healthy hair or 15cm of damaged hair every year.

3. Power up your diet

Keeping your hair as strong and healthy as possible is key to achieving long hair. Your diet plays a vital role in this and zinc, iron, vitamin D and B-complex vitamins are particularly rich in hair-building nutrients. Salmon and mushrooms are great sources of Vitamin D, lamb and turkey contain zinc and including legumes and eggs in your diet will help to provide the iron and B vitamins you need for strong, shiny hair.

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4. Top condition

When you're aiming for Rapunzel-like tresses, conditioning your hair is an absolute must. Conditioners work by sealing the hair cuticle and help to protect hair against damage. Try Pantene's 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner collection which includes a variant for every hair issue - Colour Protection, Daily Moisture Renewal and Repair and Protect.

5. Sleeping beauty

Switching from a regular cotton pillowcase to a super soft sateen version creates less friction with your hair, helping to minimise breakage while you're sleeping.

6. Beauty balm

Keep your hair looking great while it grows with a hardworking beauty balm. Try Pantene's Ultimate 10 BB Crème, which has a lightweight texture and performs ten individual actions including controlling frizz and providing moisture to help give you healthy hair and a polished look.

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