Bec Judd's beauty tips

Bec’s Favourite Red Carpet Beauty Looks

Bec gives her top tips to achieve the ultimate glam look.

Whether you’re looking to get red carpet ready, or just glamming up for a great night out, you can’t go wrong with these top three tips:

  1. Add false eyelashes. Always. I'm not talking anything too drag queenish but it's important to add lush volume and a tiny bit of length. With a little practice, individual lashes are easy to apply yourself.  Then add a layer of mascara once the glue has dried.
  2. For dewy skin that glows, use a highlighter in a liquid, cream, or powder. Apply on your upper cheekbones, the tip of your nose and the Cupid’s bow in the centre above your top lip. This is known as ‘strobing’, and it’s the slightly more casual cousin of contouring.
  3. Channel your inner J Lo and create a sultry, smoky eye using warm browns and a chocolate coloured eyeliner. These tones suit any complexion and are a softer alternative to using blacks. For extra red carpet 'wow' use a lighter, shimmery colour on the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop.

I hope that helps you get ready for your next big night out. Subscribe to Super Savvy Me and I’ll be back soon with more tips and hints.

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