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Healthy Food, Healthy Skin

Eat Your Way To Healthy Skin.

“You are what you eat” is up there with one of the most annoying sayings known to woman. 

But, it’s one that rings true every time. What goes into your body shows on your skin – sometimes in a matter of minutes – so by cleaning up your act when it comes to your diet, you are immediately improving your skincare regime and stalling the signs of time.

Why Eat Well?

If your face was a home, a healthy diet would act as its foundation, scaffolding and insulation. There are certain foods, minerals and vitamins that literally bolster and strengthen the structure of the skin at a cellular level, boost collagen and elastin supplies – which create a youthful elasticity – and protects the skin from external agers and aggressors.

Keen to fortify your face? Here are the healthy skin boosting foods to shop STAT. olive oil

Olive Oil has been found to contain antioxidants that help to combat the effect of free radicals that attack the skin every day, in every way. Speak to any born and bred Italian and you will discover that more often than not, Olive Oil is also their fall back face cream! 

Dark Chocolate: 

dark chocolate
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I’m not talking the Caltex Servo specials here. You want to go for high-quality, preferably handmade dark chocolate as it contains high levels of flavonols, which is an incredible antioxidant for the skin. The key is to choose a variety of chocolate that is at least 70 percent cacao, and devour in moderation. When applied topically, the caffeine in chocolate can work to reduce puffiness and skin inflammation to. However, if this isn’t your bag, go for a product like Olay EYES Ultimate Eye Cream – charged with Peptides and Vitamin B-3 – patted gently from the outside corners of the under eye area, inwards, to ease puffiness and instantly brighten the eye area. 

Leafy Greens:

Your mamma was right! Garden variety greens – such as spinach and broccoli – contain low amounts of Alpha-Lipoic Acid which is a natural molecure that already exists in the cells of our bodies. When ingested, it’s fat solubility allows it to be readily absorbed back into the cells to fortify then further. Benefits include eased inflammation and ALA has been noted to enhance the potency of vitamins such as E and C.

Sweet Potato:

I love this one in most meals. Cut and roasted cleverly enough, the kids will never know they are not French fries! They are packed with Vitamin A – a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a critical role in maintaining healthy skin. If carbs don’t do it for you, Beef Liver, Kale and Eggs also contain Vitamin A in abundance.



Another favourite of mine, I would down one of these babies daily if possible! But not in the smashed variety. Instead, try slicing an avocado in half, remove the stone and fill with steamed spinach, salmon and some almonds for what is arguably the best dose of brilliant skin food (full of antioxidants and Omega 3 fats) known to man, woman or wannabe chef like me! Avocados are also hyped as a skin superfood for their high levels of Vitamin E, Vitamin B7 and natural lubricants that promote the glow in a few gulps!

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