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Spring Skin Prep in Four Simple Steps

The calendar has clicked over to Spring, but is your skin ready? Here are four simple steps to ensure you're prepped to embrace your favourite Spring Season shorts and skirts.

1. Spring Clean:

Winter's brittle outdoor winds and blazing indoor fires can be harsh on your skin. With cold exteriors and heated interiors, skin can become easily irritated, cracked, dry and desperate for a good old-fashioned hydration holiday! The first step towards prepping the skin on the body for a warmer climate – and the cute Spring fashion that comes with it - is to rid yourself of all the flakes and nasties that Winter has left in its wake.

Try physical exfoliation - such as using a loofah or body brush - or a chemical exfoliant, (which is a product that contains ingredients that bind themselves to dead surface skin and dissolve it). Whichever you choose, always exfoliate skin when it is moist so that any rubbing doesn't exacerbate cracks and irritability. Soak in a warm bath or exfoliate at the tail end of a steamy shower for best results.

2. Spring Smooth:

Once you've eliminated the dry Winter wash-up, it's time to rid yourself of the fuzz. You know, the hair on your legs that has been hibernating under those tights, pants and jumpsuits all winter long? Well, it's time to lose it, ladies! If you want 100% hair-free happiness, try my go-to product - the Braun Silk-Expert IPL. I fell in love with laser hair removal after being introduced - and seduced – by it in-salon. Although I adored the results, the cost was not crash hot! Enter Braun Silk-expert; my DIY permanent hair removal tool - which takes less than ten minutes per leg! Even for hair-removal novices, it's a complete no-brainer because the Silk-expert IPL has the smarts and technology to adjust the light intensity to the area of skin you're working across, so it's pain – and fail – free!

3. Spring Boost:

All that removal needs some renewal, so body moisturizer is a must now! Choose the texture that works for you, whether it's a lotion, balm, cream or oil. Whatever it is, just lock that moisture back into your limbs after each shower. Pat skin dry – so that some moisture remains – and apply your moisturizer in long motions sweeping from the feet upwards to aid healthy circulation and lymphatic drainage. The longer your moisturizer has to melt into the skin without being bothered by clothes, the better the benefits!

4. Spring Colour:

Ok, so you're de-flaked and un-fuzzed, so now you can take on some subtle tanning! Once your moisturizer has had a few minutes to soak in, arm yourself with a tanning mousse (the best option for beginners as it's the easiest to apply, blend and wash off where you don't want it). Apply in upward motions, and once done, go across all 'corners' of the body – such as the ankles, the backs of the knees, between the fingers - with a warm washer to blur any fixed tan lines before they set.

So there you have it - four steps to take your skin from winter to spring in mere moments. Now, to shop that playsuit!

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