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7 Tips For Making Everyday Routines Fun For Kids

Avoid feeling like it’s Groundhog Day and inject some fun into your kid’s everyday routines!

1. Meal times

Have some fun at mealtimes by throwing pretend restaurant nights. The kids can get involved by choosing how to set the table, making place settings and menus or creating a centrepiece based on what you’re cooking. So the next time you make roast chicken try turning the dining room into a French Bistro!

2. Brushing teeth with kids

Get the kids excited about daily teeth brushing by stocking the bathroom cabinet with dental care products that feature well-loved characters. Try the Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Power toothbrush that comes in two versions; Disney Princess and Disney Pixar Cars. The toothbrush is rechargeable and features a 2-minute timer so kids can time themselves and know when they’ve brushed enough. And for a sugar free toothpaste designed especially for kids that tastes great, try Oral-B Stages Toothpaste Winnie the Pooh Berry Bubble.

3. Car trips

With a bit of planning and organisation, car trips can be both low stress and a chance to have some family fun. Keep a supply of travel friendly activities like colouring books and magnetic games within easy reach. Storage systems that slide over front seats are great for keeping kids’ bits and pieces tidy. Be sure to have a selection of music with favourite stories and songs on hand for some family karaoke or to calm tired kids.

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4. Bath time

It’s easy to make bath time a highlight of the day; bubbles and water toys are always a hit with kids. Try washable bath crayons for added fun - your budding Picassos can experiment to their hearts’ content and create new masterpieces every day.

5. Watering plants

Instil a lifelong appreciation for nature and get help looking after the garden while you’re at it, by giving kids their own watering can and plants of their own to look after. Choose easy to grow edible plants like strawberries or tomatoes that the kids will be excited to eat!

6. Walking pets

Take different routes on daily pet walks with the kids to keep things interesting and try meeting up with friends or people in the neighbourhood who have pets for fun pet play dates.

7. Going to bed

Avoid bedtime struggles by creating a cosy sanctuary kids will be happy to retreat to. Add some spontaneity and fun to the wind-down routine by telling imaginative made up tales at story time, complete with props, or try your hand at shadow puppets.

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